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A variety of wedding silk sarees are manufactured from different parts of the country. However, the traditional south Indian sarees made of pure silk is famous worldwide for its glamour and aesthetic beauty. The vibrant and contrasting color of the Kanjivaram Silk Sarees makes it an exceptional choice among women. The time-honored and long-established designs found in these women wears include checks, floral 'buttas', stripes, designs of flowers and temples. The border (Pallu) and the body of the saree is woven individually and then coupled together following an authentic Kanchipuram style. These silk sarees are popular for its durability, luster and beauty.


Kanjivaram is synonymous with two things. They are temples and hand-woven kanjivaram silk sarees. According to the Hinduism, the weavers are believed to be the descendents of sage Markanda, the master weaver for gods. Who is believed to have woven the tissue saree from lotus fibre. While Lord Shiva likes cotton fabric, Lord Mahavishnu prefers to adorn himself in silk. It is also important to note that the weaving took importance during the King Krishnadevaraya regime.


Silk is basically obtained from Silkworms, through a process called Sericulture. The Silkworms are fed with Mulberry leaves and when they grow in size, they use their saliva to spin the silk around the cocoon, from which the silk is extracted. The extracted fiber undergoes various processes to make it usable for weaving. Another component that is used in silk saris is the zari - silk on which electroplated gold and silver is coated.


ayagrivas Silk House is the unit of 100 year old Kanchipuram Srinivas&co, a renowned name in the silk sari trade. While the former successfully completes 20 years of serving the customer base with excellent silk saris, the latter is successfully in the 112th year. All of this has been possible due to the commitment, dedication shown by the family managing the business for 5 generations and their staffs and weavers who have contributed to the growth.


We Took a Step Further…


We are a renowned Silk Saree Store in Chennai offering the finest handmade silk sarees to saree enthusiasts all over the country. We comprehended that there are so many artisans and highly skilled weavers across the country and so few boundaries for them to platform their work. Therefore we took a step to create an online platform that can make a difference to the livelihoods of these artisans and can influence them to nurture their skills.


We adore skills of weavers and are passionate about hand-woven Sarees


At Hayagrivas Silk House, our aim is to enable trouble-free access to beautiful handcrafted silk sarees from India. While textures, shapes and colours from cultural heritage and native designs inspire all our products; they are construed in numerous standpoints for our different product lines – Kanjivaram Sarees and soft silk sarees.


We are dedicated to serve our customers country wide


We determinedly believe that we will put our best efforts to offer finest hand-woven sarees to enhance the confidence and beauty of fashion conscious and discerning women. And we are completely committed to offer our customers with 'best in class' experience at Hayagrivas Silk House. For one clear reason, this is “Our Fellow customers are wonderful people and we wish them to keep coming back to us again and again”

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